Monday, July 10, 2006

Dave Chapelle Is A Dick

I'm sick and tired of people making excuses for Dave Chapelle. The guys signs a contract for 50 million dollars, trips shit and flies to Africa and then has the nerve to blame it on the "white man?"

Bullshit. That's called "not cutting it." With a talent like Dave Chapelle everyone knows who's calling the shots: DAVE CHAPELLE. If he wasn't happy with the sketches he was making, he should've owned up and said so. Bitching out, flying to Africa and converting to Islam is no excuse.

In the style of Rick James: Guess what bitch? IT'S A CONTRACT.

So in the end Comedy Central has decided to air the "Lost" three episodes of the third season. Dave "objects." Well screw you dude, if you want to go back and do "quality control" then quit bitching and get your ass to L.A. While your there you may want to explain to your former best friend and co-founder/writer of Chapelle's Show, Neal Brennan, why you ditched him and the crew of YOUR show.

Sure Dave Chappelle is funny- but you know what: SCREW HIM. Until he owns up to the fact that he pussed out, he is a first class Hollywood asshole in my book.

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