Sunday, August 21, 2005

Let's Get Musicians Back on CRACK

Has anyone stopped recently and asked themself "Why does today's music SUCK?"

The other day flipping the radio, encountering at least 7 seperate Green Day songs as I went from classic rock to hip-hop, I realized just how much MTV has ruined music. But I thought- could MTV have singlehandedly done this? Could they truly be responsible for not only Backstreet Boys but turning the Beastie Boys into a bunch of sissies? Could MTV have turned Aerosmith from rockers into love ballad loving pussies?


I realized that we need to get musicians back on drugs.

Remember Sublime? Remember Nirvana? Remember Hendrix?

See a developing pattern here? Drugs make musicians GOOD.

Just think if we could Linkin Park to drop some acid. Or get Dave Matthews to do some crack?

We could even turn shit eating no talent ass clowns upgraded to "mediocre." That's right Britney, maybe a few bong hits might encourage you to pick up a guitar.

Hey maybe even Dashboard Confessionals and their countless imitators might write music about something other than the seventeenth time their girlfriends dumped them. They might even grow some balls- but I don't want to be too hopeful.

Let's get these musicians back on CRACK.

Can you step? Email me.