Friday, April 29, 2005

Our Pope Needs Some Bling

I was dissapointed in the selection of Pope Benedict The Roman Numeral not because of his conservative stance on issues, but because of his lack of bling. I think it's reasonable to expect the guy with the non-stop flight to heaven to wear some proud bling. I expect a big cross, maybe some weird symbols, some gold for sure, a huge cross. Something along those lines.

Notice the severe lack of bling-bling in this picture:

Compare this with a picture of John Paul II:

The man has a koala bear hanging from his neck. If that is not some serious bling I don't know what is. I bet 50 Cent is thinking to himself- SHIT, I just got outdone by an old dude. Damn straight fifty- you suck major lollipops from the candy shop biatch. You can NOT step with the John Paul yo.

I think we all need to send a clear message to Pope Benedict that if he wants to be taken seriously he must have an animal on par with a koala bear for some bling, or at least a mammoth spinning diamond of Jesus or something. This whole plain "man of the people" pope crap has got to go.

Can you step? Email me.